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During this 45-60 minute breathwork class, Jessie will take you on a journey within to discover the power of your breath and learn more about your individual breathing pattern. A guided conscious connected breathwork practice will allow you to open up your body and your breath by releasing tension, stress, and any built-up emotions to be able to then experience greater energy throughout your day and also deeper relaxation when needed. It can also allow for the release and integration of deeper stored emotions from many years, which can contribute to a stressful lifestyle.

In this class we recommended that you lie on a mat, have a blanket for added comfort and wear loose comfortable clothing. Please also try to avoid eating a heavy meal before joining.

About the Coach - Jessie Lautie

Jessie is a highly intuitive Breathwork Expert & Wellbeing Consultant with a passion for working with people through methods of coaching and breathwork to help them live a truly authentic life and reach their full potential.

Having previously worked in the corporate world for 15 years, Jessie fully understands the pressures that can come with Corporate life, particularly after we adjust to life after a global pandemic and having lived through the most unusual circumstances.

With an international presence, Jessie has a passion for now sharing what she has learned over the years through regular talks and workshops to help people manage that stress and anxiety in their lives to be healthier, really begin to thrive and be more effective in the workplace.

A daily breath and meditation practice provides a real balance and authenticity to Jessie’s approach and supports her genuine passion for helping others by sharing her knowledge.

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