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Crafting the Ideal Presentation for Mental Health Awareness Day: A comprehensive 1-hour session delving into the fundamental aspects of mental health and well-being. Why is it crucial to challenge societal stigma, and how can we actively contribute to this endeavor?

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Mental Health:
  • A foundational exploration of the concept of mental health.
  • Unpacking the Impact of Mental Health Issues and Stigma:
  • Examining the consequences of mental health challenges and the pervasive effects of societal stigma.
  • Introduction to the Stress Container Concept and Tool:
  • Delving into a practical model for understanding and managing stress.
  • Fundamental Ways to Foster Wellbeing:
  • Providing insights into basic strategies for maintaining mental, physical, and social well-being.
  • Recognizing Signs of Poor Mental Health:
  • Guidance on identifying indicators of mental health struggles in ourselves and others.
  • Building Confidence to Offer Support:
  • Empowering participants to confidently support others facing mental health issues.

Inclusive Quote Details:

  • Expert Facilitator Delivery:
  • Laura Ridgen, a seasoned Wellbeing Consultant with a background in Neuroscience and Postgraduate Psychology.

Pricing Options:

In-person session: Β£900

Virtual session: Β£500

Additional Inclusions:

  • Travel within London (if required)
  • Customizable feedback form (if required)
  • Minimal adjustments for resource slide inclusion (if required)
  • Digital workbook featuring supplementary resources
  • A post-workshop email with follow-up resources shared within the session

About Laura Ridgen:

Laura, an Australian-born specialist Wellbeing Consultant, combines academic expertise in Neuroscience with practical experience. With a background in Anatomy and human Biology and a Postgraduate Psychology qualification, Laura brings a wealth of international workplace health experience. Her engaging approach, infused with humour, honesty, and real-life application, makes the science of wellbeing accessible. Laura's diverse clientele, ranging from small start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, benefits from her Mental Health First Aid training, wellbeing workshops, and consultancy, fostering thriving individuals and businesses alike.

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Empowering Minds: A Journey Through Mental Health Awareness (In-person)