Basketball Arcade Machine (Up to 8 Hours)

Enjoy hours of basketball fun with our full-size Basketball Arcade Machine. Challenge your skills with 4 game stages of increasing difficulty, all while keeping track of your scores on the automatic LED scoring system. We supply the machine with 4 balls for your gaming pleasure.


  • 4 Game Stages of Increasing Difficulty
  • Automatic LED Scoring System
  • Includes 4 Balls

Delivery and Setup:

  • Trained staff will deliver and set up the Basketball Arcade Machine at your desired location. A demonstration will be provided to the booking contact.
  • Optional: We can provide a staff member to assist throughout the hire duration.

Please note that prices are subject to VAT and may vary based on location and specific event requirements. Customers can choose from these optional extras to enhance their arcade experience. If you have any more details to add or any specific formatting preferences, feel free to let me know.

Fat Panda Events Limited

Basketball Arcade Machine