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Whether you opt for janitorial services or weekly cleaning, our teams monitor usage patterns and ensure consumable supplies are replenished in a timely manner at competitive prices.

We can build a package offer for your consumable needs that matches your budget. But we don’t just stop at cost, we want to make sure the products we are providing are suitable and you are happy they are in keeping with your company image. If for any reason you wish to have a particular product, e.g. a certain type of hand soap, we are more than happy to source that product and make it part of your service package.

Consumable items for offices and commercial premises include Toilet rolls, Paper towels, Liquid soaps and sanitisers, Dishwasher products, Washroom vending machine supplies, Sponges and cleaning cloths.

The provisioning of hygiene units goes beyond just ‘sanibins’. Integra can provide feminine hygiene units as well as washroom vending machines. Our teams service and restock hygiene units to ensure that your washrooms are well provisioned and meet the high standards of your business.

Vending machines are also checked regularly and replenished. Air fresheners can be provided to help keep the area fresh throughout the day and between services for the comfort of your staff and clients.

Prices are estimated based on hourly rate - please enquire for a bespoke quote to suit your business needs