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aAbout Atcha:

At Atcha, our culinary journey began with a simple yet profound mission—to share the everyday Indian flavours we adore. We believe in the magic of beautiful, vibrant, and energising tastes, harmoniously blended into food that not only delights the palate but also nourishes the body. Our creations, including India-inspired salads, sourdough sandwiches, and red rice bowls, are crafted daily with passion, precision, and the essence of Atcha love in our kitchens.

The Build Your Own Menu Experience:

The menu you pick will be a bespoke quote but for example, If you choose 1 base, 2 protein, and 2 sides/salads

  • £17/head incl. VAT - 50 PAX and under
  • £14/head incl. VAT - 51 PAX and over

*All pricing will be based on your choices and finalised with you before the order is confirmed

Elevate your culinary adventure with our new concept. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Base Ingredients:

  • Step 2: Choose your Proteins

  • Step 3: Choose your Sides

Included with every menu and additional options are below

If you are interested in booking this amazing popup please let us know and we can get started on cultivating the perfect menu for you and your colleagues

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Atcha: India-Inspired Bespoke Build your menu popup