There’s no drink more capable of bringing spring to English pastures (or pavements) than an Aperitivo Spritz. How apt, then, that the roots of this spirit-lifter lie more in obscuring flavours (read ‘weather’...), than celebrating them?

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  • 1 bottle Bèrto Aperitivo (1L)
  • 3 bottles Vinvita Prosecco (750ml)


  • 1 part Bèrto Aperitivo
  • 4 parts Vinvita Prosecco
  • A dash of soda water
  • A wedge of orange


  • Fill a large wine glass with cubed ice. Add the 1 part of Bèrto Aperitivo and top up with 4 parts Vinvita Prosecco. Finish with a dash of soda water and gently stir. Garnish with a wedge of orange.


Easter Aperitivo Spritz Kit