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Experience the ultimate holiday soirée at Skylight Quayside Bar (E1 2SF)!

Event Details:

  • Location: Skylight Tobacco Dock (E1 2SF)
  • Event Name: WinterFest - Your Ultimate Christmas Experience!
  • Description: Get ready for an unforgettable Christmas celebration at Skylight Tobacco Dock's WinterFest! With a cosy atmosphere, an ice rink, and a unique reserved area on LEVEL 9, this event is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

Photo Deck of Skylight Level 9 @ Tobacco Dock *Click Here*

Photo Deck of Skylight @ Tobacco Dock *Click Here*

Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive Reserved Area: Enjoy your own heated and covered space on Skylight Rooftop's LEVEL 9, ensuring comfort throughout the event.
  • Welcome Drink: Receive a delightful Skylight cocktail upon arrival, with mocktail options available for non-drinkers.
  • Open Bar: Indulge in a 3-hour open bar offering a selection of House Beer, Wine, and Soft Drinks, including gluten-free and alcohol-free options. Beers include Stella Artois, Camden Hells, Camden Pale, Orchard Pig Cider, Corona, and Camden Stout. Wines include Reign of Terroir Chenin Blanc, Rosé Parini Pinot Rosato delle Venezie, and Reign of Terroir Shiraz. Soft drinks feature Fentiman's Range, Eager Juices, and the Coca-Cola range.
  • Set Street Food Menu: Savor a delicious street food menu served exclusively to your group. Enjoy Truffle and Rosemary Crisps with Hummus and Sumac Dip, mouthwatering Sliders (Louisiana Chicken and Vegan Sage, Bean, and Beetroot) with Cranberry Ketchup, Winter Salads, and Sage Salted Fries with Garlic Mayo. This menu is designed for easy consumption and accommodates various dietary preferences and allergies.
  • Entertainment: Access Europe's only REAL ICE rink on a rooftop, and make the most of your time with table games such as Giant Jenga, Connect 4, and Table Tennis. Stay connected with Wi-Fi and have a welcoming experience at the Welcome Desk, where a Staff Manager will be available to assist you.
  • Price: £89+vat per person, with Ice rink tickets included.

If you are looking for a unique and quirky Christmas experience that combines exclusive access to an indoor area with exciting rooftop activities, WinterFest at Skylight Tobacco Dock is the ideal choice. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your Christmas celebration unforgettable!

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How to book:

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to order and enjoy your Christmas party:

1 - Initial Booking:

  • Begin by visiting our booking platform.
  • Enter the approximate number of guests you plan to invite to your Christmas party.
  • Review your selections and proceed to the checkout.

2 - Clara Concierge Contact:

  • After checkout, a member of our dedicated Clara Concierge team will reach out to you promptly. They will be your personal point of contact to make your event extraordinary.

3 - Information Gathering:

  • Sit back and relax as our Clara Concierge team works diligently to gather all the necessary details for your event.
  • They will discuss finer details such as dietary preferences, special requests, and any specific arrangements you'd like to make.

4 - Confirmation:

  • Once our Clara Concierge has gathered all the necessary information, they will present you with a detailed proposal to ensure everything aligns with your vision.
  • Review the proposal carefully and confirm that you are satisfied with all the arrangements.

5 - Enjoy the Christmas Party:

  • With all the details sorted and confirmed, it's time to relax and look forward to your Christmas party.
  • On the day of the event, simply show up with your guests, and our team will ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Enjoy the festivities, delicious food, drinks, and the warm holiday atmosphere.

We are committed to making your Christmas party a memorable and stress-free experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance along the way, feel free to reach out to our Clara Concierge team for personalized support. Wishing you a fantastic and joyful Christmas celebration! 🎉🎄🥂

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