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World Mental Health Day is a global initiative aimed at increasing awareness of mental health issues and combatting social stigma. It highlights the profound impact of mental health on people's lives worldwide.

MHFA Courses Offered:

MHFA (England) provides licensed and internationally recognized mental health courses.

  • Half-Day Mental Health Aware:£1300 for up to 16 attendees
  • £1500 for up to 25 attendees
  • 2-Day Mental Health First Aid:£2780 for up to 16 attendees (with an option for two instructors)
  • One-Day MHFA Champions:£2400 for up to 16 attendees with one instructor (open courses at £200 per person)
  • £2000 for up to 16 attendees with one instructor (with two instructors for an additional £300)
  • Two-Day Mental Health First Aid:£3300 for up to 16 attendees (open courses at £300 per person)

(Please note these prices are for reference only)

For a personalized package for your team, please get in touch and let us tailor our services to your specific needs."

The Wellbeing Agency

Mental Health First Aid Course