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Session Overview

Most men will easily put themselves forward for a job they are 40% competent in under the firm belief that they will simply pick it up as they go along. FACT. However most women will only apply if they are 150% sure they meet the requirements of the job description and have ideally already done the same job in a similar company, have friends who work at the company (to make sure they can arm themselves with extra insider knowledge and support should the time come!!), have sought advice from at least 10 trusted sources such as their spiritual adviser, family, friends and a neighbour whose son once worked at that very same company would you believe, only 20 years ago! But still! Why are we still living in the shadow of ourselves? Perhaps it's not always the men - the other sex keeping us small - perhaps it's us?!

In this fun and interactive talk, we will look at the common ideas that so many of us seem to still believe, challenge what we have been β€œtaught” by society, parents etc and discover new, empowering ways to allow ourselves to live our very best life – on all levels. This is not the time to stay small, it's time to recognise our innate power!!

Key Takeaways

  • A brief history of women's rights (very brief but good to know!)
  • What they didn't teach you at school
  • Understand why YOU are the way YOU are
  • Using your greatest fears as your power engine
  • Finding your tribe and nourishing it
  • Living your authentic truth


  • Duration: ideally 1-2hrs but can be customised to suit - Price is based on 1 hour session
  • Number of participants: n/a
  • Suitable for all
  • Format & Delivery: This fun and engaging workshop is presented verbally, ie NO slides
  • Material available: no
  • Equipment needed: pen and paper

About the Coach

Wellness Coach, Transformational Healer, Public Speaker and Yoga Facilitator

Josephine McGrail is an international wellness coach, transformational healer, public speaker and yoga facilitator with over 15 years of experience. She is also the author of the ever-popular books The Morning Miracle and Messages Of Love.

With a background in ballet and acting Josephine bridges wellness and creativity in a down-to-earth manner. Encouraging us all to create the life we dream of. She is also the co-founder of Nordic Sisters which runs retreats and events across the planet, and is frequently featured in Yoga magazine, Huffington Post and Wellness Magazine. Josephine runs regular retreats abroad and in the UK and does corporate talks and workshops for her clients including Deloitte, Nexus, Soho House, Mortimer House, Havas, Lululemon, Wolf & Badger, Red Cross, Teads, Houzz, Greene & Greene, Mental Health First Aid England, to name a few.

All of Josephine's talks and workshops are rooted in her understanding that our mind, body and spirit are all interconnected and for one to be healthy we need to look at all aspects of our being and lifestyle. Through her down-to-earth, yet informative talks, people walk away with tools and tips that help them find balance in every day real life.

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