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Indulge in the regal celebration of the King's Coronation with our delightful Coronation treats, perfect for enjoying in the office! Choose from two royal themes - 'Crown Jewels' or 'Union Jack' - and treat your colleagues or employees to a scrumptious experience.

Our individually wrapped crown cookies are the epitome of royal decadence, made with high-quality ingredients and crafted with precision. These delectable treats are perfect as desk gifts or to take home as a sweet memento of the occasion.

With a minimum order of 12 cookies, you can easily share the joy of the Coronation with your team. Our cookies contain wheat and soy, with traces of nuts, but we also offer a Gluten Free option for those with dietary restrictions.

Experience the grandeur of the Coronation with our Coronation treats and add a touch of royalty to your office celebration. Order now and savour the deliciousness of these exquisite treats fit for a King!

Please note some deliveries may be affected by Bank holiday dates

Cake Drop

Crowning Confections: Cake Drop Delights Fit for Royalty!