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Introducing Mindful Mending: Embrace the Opportunity to Revive Your Wardrobe!

A workshop for up to 20 people.

Are you holding onto clothing items that need a little TLC? Well, the time has come to give them the attention they deserve! Join us on a day of your choice for an exclusive mending experience that will breathe new life into your favourite pieces.

Our expert teacher, Fai, is a seasoned sewer and seamstress who specialises in the art of Sashiko quilt stitching and darning. With our carefully curated stations, you can conveniently drop in and out during the afternoon, tackling that pesky elbow hole or sewing on missing buttons.

We encourage you to unleash your creativity by bringing in odd buttons or fabric scraps. Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary as we guide you through the process. Rest assured, we provide all the necessary materials, including sustainable fabrics, zippers, buttons, needles, thread, and ribbons. Our commitment to sourcing from donations and scrap stores ensures a sustainable approach to mending.

Not only do we offer this service, but we also run the Mindful Mending workshop every Wednesday at the beloved Mapps Cafe in Hackney Wick. This longstanding community hub has been serving our neighborhood for an impressive 35 years. We strive to make these valuable skills and knowledge accessible to all, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment.

Don't miss this chance to mend, create, and connect through Mindful Mending!

1 Hour Class = Β£500 + VAT - Perfect for a quick stitch teach

2 Hour Class = Β£900 + VAT - Great for teaching techniques and fixing up your old items

3 Hour Class = Β£1100 + VAT - Perfect for drop in sessions which could hold more than 20 people in total

Mindful Mending

Mindful Mending: Embrace the Opportunity to Revive Your Wardrobe!