There's nothing quite like the joy of a crisp, ice-cold bottle of rosé. While Provence has its reputation, we've gone a step further, bringing you the quintessential French rosé, complemented by two Italian gems, each with their own fresh and light red fruit character. This mixed case features three rosés, with two bottles of each, ready to grace your ice bucket.

Wines Included:

1. ROSATO, MEZZOGIORNO - A classic southern Italian rosé, lightly coloured and made from local red grape varieties. It boasts a medley of red fruit, apples, melon, and a subtle green herbal note. With vibrant fruit flavours, balanced by bright acidity, this dry rosé shines as an aperitif or paired with salmon, prawns, and white meats.

2. CÔTES DE PROVENCE ROSÉ CRU CLASSÉ 'SAINT-M', CHÂTEAU SAINT-MAUR - Transport yourself to the Southern coast of France with this refined Côtes de Provence Cru Classé Rosé. Its pale pink hue bursts with red berry fruits, orange blossom, and grapefruit, offering a sophisticated summer treat.

3. CÔTES DE PROVENCE ROSÉ CRU CLASSÉ 'EXCELLENCE', CHÂTEAU SAINT-MAUR - Another gem from Château Saint-Maur, this pale pink rosé dazzles with a powerful and complex nose featuring exotic fruit aromas of mango, peach, red fruits, orange peel, and citrus. It delights the palate with peach aromas, refreshing freshness, and a hint of salinity on the finish.

4. CHIARETTO RIVIERA DEL GARDA CLASSICO 'SAN DONINO', SELVA CAPUZZA - Proving that the elegant, lightly fruity style of rosé isn't exclusive to Provence, this pale pink gem hails from Italy's Northeast, on the shores of Lake Garda. Chiaretto rosé from Selva Capuzza offers a delightful alternative to the Provence style, showcasing the charm of Northern Italy.

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Introducing the 'Rosé Collection' - A Trio of Bliss