Embark on a heartwarming journey of Puppy Yoga, where tranquillity meets adorable companionship. Immerse yourself in a unique yoga practice that combines the benefits of mindful movement and the joy of furry friends. As you flow through gentle poses and connect with your breath, a playful pack of puppies will surround you, creating an atmosphere filled with love, laughter, and undeniable cuteness. Let their infectious energy and unconditional love uplift your spirit, melt away stress, and bring a smile to your face. Whether you're a yoga enthusiast or a dog lover seeking a delightful experience, Puppy Yoga is a harmonious blend of relaxation, connection, and pure canine bliss.


Your yoga instructor will guide you through a 30-minute all-levels yoga flow using essential oils to calm the body release tension and create a calm environment for the puppies. Then you will be joined by cute fluff balls (usually cockapoos) sourced from ethical breeders for 30 minutes of puppy play and gentle yoga stretches. There will be between 5-8 puppies in total (approx 2:1 human to puppy ratio) and expect an increase in oxytocin levels for both dogs and humans! Mats will be provided and no prior yoga experience is required.


Yoga mats

Enclosed space

Nearby parking & easy access to the building

Access to running water on-site

Up to 15 people per session

P.s. please expect a few pees and poops ;)

The Wellbeing Agency

Zenful Paws: Harmonising Yoga Experience with Adorable Puppies