The world of Italian wines is a fascinating labyrinth of flavours and traditions, a true reflection of the country's viticultural diversity. Celebrate the essence of Italy's winemaking with a selection of six iconic red wines that each bear the distinctive personality of its origin.

Wines Included:

1. CHIANTI 'BISKERO', SALCHETO - An organic Chianti by eco-pioneers Salcheto, this wine is less oaky than its Tuscan counterparts, allowing the Sangiovese grape to shine with pure red cherry and plum flavours and a delicately spiced finish. Perfect with Pasta al Ragù.

2. REFOSCO, RONCHI DI CIALLA - From Friuli's eastern corner, this elegant red wine unfolds with bramble fruit, red and blackberries, and a peppery edge. The palate is silky and fruity with a hint of white pepper and balsam on the elegant finish. Enjoy it lightly chilled!

3. VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO, LE SALETTE - Loved for its lively fruit character and light body, this Valpolicella Classico is a delightful choice, particularly for fans of light-bodied reds.

4. CANNONAU DI SARDEGNA 'LILLOVÉ', GABBAS - A Sardinian gem from Gabbas, this Cannonau delights with fresh raspberries, violets, soft tannins, and a hint of white pepper on the finish.

5. MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO, CALDORA - Montepulciano, one of Italy's most widely planted grape varieties, showcases its fruity, full-bodied character in this wine, balanced by acidity and hints of spice and vanilla.

6. COSTA DELLA SESIA 'ROSSONOAH', NOAH - An exciting discovery from Alto Piemonte, the Rossonoah offers an enticing nose with mineral undertones, red berries, and a spicy edge. The palate unfolds with a sweet cherry core, wild strawberries, mint leaves, and a touch of liquorice.

Experience Italy's multifaceted wine culture with this diverse collection. Prices subject to change."🍷🇮🇹🌿


Unveiling the 'Italian Red Gems' Collection - A Journey Through Italy's Vinous Diversity