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When you think of Christmas and Christmas decorations, one of the first things that come to mind is the traditional wreath that hangs on your front door as a warming symbol of the festive period.

This floristry class will give you all of the necessary knowledge and tools to become a seasoned pro in the art of wreath making. With this, you will be able to impress anybody with your magnificent wreaths. A wonderful experience to enjoy during the Festive Season. 

Workshop at the flower school - These classes take place at our Flower Garden School in Hampstead Garden Suburb refreshments and nibbles are available. Duration 2.5/3 hours

Workshop at your premises - We bring our team and the flowers to you. Larger group classes are an option space permitting. Duration 2.5/3 hours

Workshop via Zoom - The perfect option for employees working remotely. We will individually send the flowers and materials to any office or home address. Duration 1/1.5hours

Please enquire about a bespoke quote to meet your business needs

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