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Empower your team with confidence, resilience, and critical thinking through our Corporate Self-Defence Workshops. Beyond physical techniques, we focus on cultivating a proactive mindset for self-defence, equipping participants with practical skills for conflict resolution, and managing fear and aggression.

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Body mechanics and situational analysis
  • Techniques for dealing with various conflicts, from group dynamics to individual encounters
  • Specialised workshops for women's self-defence, imparting strategies to counter threats and fostering resilience.

Our instructors are fully DBS checked, insured, and qualified, committed to ensuring a supportive, safe learning environment. Develop your team's strength, both mental and physical, with Clara Office Management's self-defence workshops.

Β£350 p/hr - course of 10 (recommended) = Β£275 p/hr

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Empowerment Through Defence: Corporate Self-Defence Workshops